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The purpose of is to showcase what the website feels are pure demonstrations and tests of martial arts.  They have a love for martial artists testing themselves and each individual’s expression of their chosen martial art.  They believe that no two people will express their art in an identical fashion and they attempt to with videos display what they see as true, realistic, and functional displays of martial arts.

The videos that are posted on are handpicked and display what is felt is a true uncompromised representation of the style that the video displays.  On the website there are many of videos posted that are listed as style vs style.  However, believes wholeheartedly that it is never a case of which style is better, as they believe that there is no “best style”.  There is only, the style that fits that particular person best.  The videos posted serve as a display of a very good representation of two stylists testing their skills against a live resisting opponent.  This type of testing, while it is not the only reason for martial arts, will go on to further styles and martial arts as a whole through the testing of theories and the application of principles.  They believe that realistic applications of techniques will continue to improve all martial arts and keep them functional and alive.

There are also many videos posted that display martial artists utilizing their styles in real world self-defense situations.  Many of those videos will display people utilizing martial arts to defend themselves or others in a way that is consistent with the true purpose of martial arts which is self-preservation.  In those videos you will be able to observe clear techniques that you will be able to identify as having been trained in a school or gym.  These videos are posted to help reinforce and provide confidence that techniques learned and trained in martial arts are real and work in real settings by real people. also posts videos containing basic techniques and combinations of various martial arts.  It is felt that you cannot have martial arts without basics, just as you cannot have a house without a foundation.  So, there are any videos posted showcasing sound basics and fundamental techniques of styles to watch, learn, and enjoy.  As well as applications of the techniques found in the forms of traditional martial arts as a good reference and study tool.

Martial Arts Underground also features blog articles from various contributors covering a wide range of thoughts on all subjects within the martial arts like Chi (ki), meditation, philosophies, thoughts on technique application, and martial arts in general.  They are written from authors that are martial artists in various disciplines and offer a wide range of viewpoints.  All topics written about in the blog section can be discussed in further detail in the forum section that is also within the site.  Where all topics on martial arts can be had in an open setting to further the development of any martial artist on the path.

Overall, is a website that is designed to display and promote martial arts in the purest way and to highlight and discuss all parts of martial arts from the internal to the external.  They, at, highly believe that martial arts is a path to help all who practice it to achieve any goal that they set and will continually strive to present the most realistic and complete view of martial arts possible.