What is Feng Shui? How to bring balance and harmony to your life.

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is an ancient Chinese art whose name translates from the Chinese as “wind and water.” Wind and water are two of the five elements that comprise all of nature. Wind is the earth’s breath, and water is the invigorating lifeblood of everything that exists on our planet. 

When you say Feng Shui art most people think its just about moving your furniture around. But its much more than that. At its core Feng Shui is arranging the basic elements of your life and all the things that you surround you to create the optimal and harmonious flow of vital life energy, just like the flow of water and wind.

Feng Shui has had a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe and you can have its benefits work for you! By simply changing the interior of your home, changing the colors of your walls, or relocating the furniture in your bedroom, you can enjoy the positive effects of Feng Shui. 

When you think about the places where you feel the most tension. Is it at work? One of the problems that people face when trying to apply Feng Shui in these environments is that they don't have the control to make drastic changes. What would your boss say if you just started painting your office walls?

But Feng Shui is about more than just moving your desk or filing cabinet. You can bring about good luck and contribute to an environment that fosters positive energy, creativity and mindfulness with Feng Shui paintings, photographs, sculptures and even jewelry! Tibetan Thangkas (also spelled tangkas, thankas or tankas) bring good luck and positive energy to any office space.  Buddha Thangkas, along with Buddha statues, are commonly used for meditation. Buddha Thangkas are also proven to protect you from evil as well as bring good luck, health, and prosperity!

Remember it’s not just the workplace that benefits from Feng Shui! Any home can be filled with the same feelings of good luck, well-being and positivity as the office. Maximize health and wellness through healing and meditation in the home too. 

An why stop there? Spread around some of that positivity and well being and get Feng Shui paintings, sculptures and jewelry for your loved ones too. Beautiful hand crafted trinkets are a perfect gift for her or for him. Give others the balance, harmony, and spiritual fulfillment they deserve. Because practicing good karma is a cornerstone of Feng Shui. Be generous and give of yourself in order to receive in kind from the universe and others around you. 

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